RESI provides real estate investor and entrepreneurial training in the private members section using the following:

Sample Legal Documents: These are California specific, sample legal documents created to the quality level that Ronald Ballard provides to his own clients. Not only will they meet or exceed the needs of the specific training program, they will constantly be improved as needed to address the “real life” challenges that subscribers and clients are experiencing in their own businesses. For example, the typical “Borrower’s Authorization to Release Information” doesn’t have an expiration date, a way to extend it, nor a way to quickly appoint new agents or advisors. Ron has developed a new “Borrower’s Authorization” that solves these problems.

Articles and Public Blog: Private articles will go into more depth about training issues. A public blog, now at,  developed a readership in the thougsands in its first month, with articles discussing the real estate strategies that members are pursuing will increase members’ credibility by having an authoritative source explaining the legal basis for their transactions.

Online Videos: Sometimes you just need to explain something verbally for it to make sense. In online videos, Ron will simplify potentially complex issues.

Members’ Forum: A private, California-specific forum, is re-opening for members in May 2010, so RESI members can ask Ron questions, support each other, network, find leads, share vendors, and give advance notice of the next new challenge lenders or legislators are posing or that otherwise will need solution.

Email Alerts: When a new law, issue, difficulty, resource or solution needs immediate attention, members will receive email alerts.

Extending As Needed: The means of delivering education and training to members, and legitimizing resources to the public to understand the valuable role of the real estate entrepreneur in stabilizing and growing markets, will be extended as the need is recognized. Ron Ballard did not plan to create a training and educational institute; he simply responded to the needs and demands of investors from seminars he attended with them as a student. RESI intends to respond to members needs and to use the most effective means of delivery.