Refund Policy


Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Requests for a refunds of initial orders for new services or products (not seminars) are accepted at changes @ (remove spaces to create an email address) or by calling (and or faxing to) 1-877-RESI 4 US (1-877-737-4487) within the period of 5 days after the order is placed, except for seminars (see below for special seminar policy). Since you will already have received access to highly valuable intellectual property, you should accompany this request with detailed and grounded reasons why you are requesting a refund. Please make sure your request does not contradict our Terms and Conditions.

No refunds will be given after the expiration of the 5 day refund period.

All content is delivered online. Due to issues of your e-mail provider or your own email server you might not receive an activation or delivery e-mail from us. In these cases we recommend contacting us for assistance. Claims for non-delivery must be submitted to our Billing department in writing within 7 days from the date the order was placed. Otherwise the product will be considered received.

Special Seminar Policy

Requests for refund of seminar fees actually received by RESI (either physically or electronically via email or fax) more than 96 hours before the on-site registration time of the first day of a live event are eligible for refund of 90% of the fee paid. Exception: RESI may provide a very highly discounted early order offer that clearly states at the time that it is non-refundable. Due to the high discount, these fees are non-refundable (just like certain airline or hotel discount offers). Requests made less than 96 before the on-site registration begin may not be refunded but 90% of the fee paid may be applied to other future RESI services, products or events, including monthly subscription fees. The credit may also be applied to legal services or personal consulting services from Ronald Ballard or his affiliated law office. The registrant must request and specify the application of the credit within 5 business days after the end of the live event or RESI may choose to treat the fee as non-refundable and non-transferable.

If a seminar registration was part of a multiple attendance, group order (team or spouse) discount, the refund will be based on the lowest registration fee(s) applicable to the group order. For example the first team member rate is higher than the additional members. If the person identified as the first team member requests a refund, it will be applied at the lowest member add-on rate.

RESI, in its sole discretion, may choose to extend more generous refund terms in the case of a true, verifiable, uncontrollable circumstance, such as death or serious illness of the registrant or immediate family member on a strictly case-by-case basis. Providing more generous refund terms in one case does not constitute a waiver of this Refund Policy or precedent for any other situation.

Subscription Renewal

Membership subscriptions, currently set at $127/month (or as shown at time of ordering for special offers), will continue on a monthly term (30 day month), as disclosed during registration (the “Term”), and renew automatically at the end of the Term, unless you notify us of your decision not to renew your subscription via email at: changes @ (delete spaces to create an email address) or via the link on our website submitting a ticket in writing to Customer Service prior to the expiration of the Term. From time to time RESI may use a third party billing and collection service which has an additional cancellation procedure you can follow. If you do not notify RESI or any applicable third party billing and collection service, the then-applicable monthly fee for your subscription will be billed automatically to the credit card you designated during the registration process (or subsequently changed).

No Pro-Rated Refunds for Cancellation of Monthly Membership. You hereby acknowledge and agree that if you cancel Your Monthly Membership, or if your membership is cancelled by the Company, that you will be entitled to receive the full benefits of Your Monthly Membership until the end of the pre-paid Term. You shall not be entitled to any pro-rated or partial refund if you cancel Your Monthly Membership before the end of the then current Monthly Subscription Period.

Credit Card Charges Authorized. You hereby authorize the Company or an independent third party billing and collection service to charge your credit card (which you hereby acknowledge was entered by you into the sign-up page or on a paper based form) to pay for the ongoing Subscription Fees to RESI at the then current Subscription Rate. You further authorize the Company to charge your credit card for any and all additional purchases you verbally request of products, services and entertainment available through, at, in or on, or provided by, RESI. You agree to be personally liable for all charges incurred by you during or through the use of RESI. Your liability for such charges shall continue after termination of your membership.

Automatic Recurring Credit Card or Debit Card Debit. All charges to your credit card or debit card for the Monthly Membership, under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, will be made in advance by automatic recurring credit card or debit card debit and you hereby authorize the Company and its agents to process such transactions on your behalf.

Non-Refundable Charges. All charges to your credit card for monthly subscription fees are non-refundable once charged.