Reinstatement Limited Time Special Offer

Are you a former California system RESI member whose membership either lapsed through some kind of payment mistake or who canceled thinking that short sale rapid resales were dead or just too difficult?

Is so, then this page is for you — and you ONLY. No one else can accept this offer. If you try, we will revoke your membership attempt!

Now through midnight Pacific time this Saturday, April 28, prior RESI members who are re-invigorated about short sales because they didn’t know there was a non-flip exit strategy can get back in the game.

The standard RESI policy to reinstate a lapsed or canceled membership is to make up the missed payment up to a total of 3 months (that’s $291 reinstatement if you’ve been gone for 3 or more months).

This week there is a lot of excitement in the short sale investing world as people who didn’t know how they could be paid to release their purchase contract instead of trying to flip the property are realizing that many other investors have been doing so for a while. In fact, this is not a “breakthrough” or “game changer” for RESI members and Ballard Law clients. Many have been doing this for two and three years.

It’s just that the nuances of doing so in California have usually taken the involvement of my law office to some degree to give confidence to the other parties. I didn’t make this process a RESI master form because deals often take different formats and need personal communications. Now that others are publishing a generic form (that I don’t particularly like for use in California), I am going to be sure that former RESI members who want to pursue this strategy have the same kind of California-specific support, comfort and safety that they had with short sale flips. In fact, many members are still making good money on flips, just not with as much ease and frequency as two years ago. That’s why people are getting excited about A-to-C deals.

Frankly, I’m making this limited time offer now because I will introduce the RESI level support for A-C deals NEXT week. Not only will you get the new A-C support but I created a MAJOR form revision in March 2011 for flips and have another major revision coming out in May 2012.

So I’m only rewarding former members who take action now by waiving the reinstatement fee and letting you get back on board simply by re-starting your $97/month membership investment before midnight this Saturday.

Click the “Join Now” button below and get back in the game.