Event Subscription Special

This RESI Membership Subscription Special Offer applies only if you also are going to register for “Multiple Exit Strategies” at RESI member rates. 

All of the terms from http://www.resievents.com/non-member-std-regsn/ apply to this page. 

Yes, Ron, I’m subscribing now to get all the benefits of RESI Membership!!
(You will receive a username and password that you can then use to access the member’s seminar order page.)

If you have any difficult with online ordering, please click on the “Buy Now” button and it will open a fax-in ordering form. 

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Or difficulty ordering?

Call 1-877-RESI 4 US (1-877-737-4487) and leave a message including your email address or send an email to events(at)theresi.com (you need to turn this into an email address). You may also call the Ballard Law office at 949-597-9596 and ask for Kim.