Non-Member “Early Bird” Event Orders

This is the NON-MEMBERS page to register for the RESI’s “Multiple Exit Strategies for Distressed Property Profits” intensive training and business networking to be held in Newport Beach, California on October 14-15 at the Radisson Hotel.

The rates below are for registrants who are not members of RESI’s ongoing membership program.

Members: Please be sure to log in to the Members Area to order at discounted Member Rates.

After the first registrant, additional team members  from the same company or who work on deals together (such as an investor and agent) may all be ordered at the add-on rates so long as the initial registrant’s name is provided at sign up. All orders are subject to the Terms of Use and the Refund Policy.


Non-members can subscribe to the Full California-specific RESI Membership Today for only Half the regular start-up and then get the highly discounted Member’s Only Rates for the Event. Event registration does not include the copyright license permission to use the forms or the form library. Your first month membership fee includes the form licensing for their present version. Your monthly continuation includes ongoing updates and additions. (The Trust-based form system is a separate, add-on license. More info to follow at the event.)

Here’s the short story, then you can read on for details:

California specific plan is usually $597 for the initial month membership and forms library, with $127/month for continuing updates, information and more.

(You’re not from California or not doing deals in California? RESI also offers national/generic library and membership. So CLICK HERE to learn about the national/generic offer.)

Sign up before the seminar and the California plan is only $398.50 start-up and $97/month.

GET IT NOW: If you are operating a short sale business in California, this is your “must have” program to be confident that your transactions are structured legally. It’s your opportunity to get real life value of easily $5,000 — $8,000 for only $597 $398.50. Any attorney worth the name should charge you at least that much to customize general “guru” forms and prepare the additional forms necessary to create a comprehensive California-specific form system. California Attorney Ronald Ballard has invested far more time than that into this system because there’s so many nuances that he knows from working with so many investors, trainers and the other top short sales lawyers in the country.

This program has been called a “no brainer” for members of Short Sale Riches, Investor Institute, The Short Sale Service, D.C. Fawcett’s Virtual Short Sale Investing, Justin Lee, Coach Pat Martin, Strategic Real Estate Coach and more.

This is not a one time purchase of stale forms, but your efficient system for keeping your business safe through ongoing online legal-oriented training, information and constantly updated and supplemented forms. Ron Ballard’s hourly rate for legal services is based at $500. Every month you will receive the equivalent of several hours of legal services for about the cost of one-quarter of an hour as new information is released, new documents are released, and existing forms are updated as needed.

Yes, Ron, I’m subscribing now to get all the benefits of RESI Membership!!
(You will receive a username and password that you can then use to access the member’s seminar order page.)


The Event Registration fees below are valid only until midnight on Thursday, October 6 1 PM on Friday, October 7 (or until this page disappears). Then this page comes down and the standard fees shown at apply until the order deadline on midnight, Monday, October 10.

Important NOTE: AlertPay has a $1,000 per month limit per “account” — which is one email address and the same credit card which has been “verified” over the phone (or $500 without “verification”). If your order(s) will exceed $1,000 in October, then you need to use or create a different account, or order the excess amount manually and fax it in using the form that will be provided at the bottom of the page.


1. The Two Day Event For The First Non-RESI Member Is Only is $597. Order using the button below.


Or Click here for fax form or from the bottom of this page.


2. Two Day Event Only is $478 each for second and subsequent team members from the same company or business team. Order using the button below (and be sure to list the name of the primary — full rate — registrant).

 3.     Special Spouse / RDP / SO Rate

RESI encourages that your relational life-partner should be your key “master mind” partner too. So we are offering an extra special rate for life-partners, such as spouse, registered domestic partner, or truly “significant other.” This does NOT apply to typical business team members. (If you’re sharing the same bedroom, or are engaged to be married, then that’s a good guide to qualify for this extra special rate.)


 Fax Based Ordering:

If you don’t like online ordering or you are exceeding the $1,000 monthly limit with AlertPay, you can pay [the excess part] by Visa, MasterCard or American Express, including debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo. ($3 additional service charge for manual credit card handling if not exceeding the $1,000 limit. Avoid the fee by using AlertPay.)Clicking on the “BUY NOW” button below will open a PDF form that you must print, complete and fax in. (If the form is for monthly subscription, then simply mark it up to explain what you are ordering.)

By placing my order I agree to the
Terms of Use.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Or difficulty ordering?

Call 1-877-RESI 4 US (1-877-737-4487) and leave a message including your email address or send an email to events(at) (you need to turn this into an email address). You may also call the Ballard Law office at 949-597-9596 and ask for Kim.