Pre-Event Reinstatement

An exciting and valuable live event is coming up, so now is the best time to reinstate your lapsed RESI membership at the very best available rate.

When you reinstate now, you are eligible for the member discounted registration rates for the event.

The offers below are valid ONLY if you are going to register for the event. Otherwise, reinstatement requires 3 months catch-up at the standard rate.

New content is created at the highest pace before and after an event. And it’s all cutting edge current. The national/generic library has expanded considerably and more strategies are being added to both libraries.

Naturally, your membership is governed by our Terms of Use. By placing your order below you agree to abide by our Terms of Use. The membership grants a license to use the forms and other content for only one business. When you protect distribution of the information (except in doing lots of deals), then you maximize its value in your business because people who aren’t paying for it won’t have it.

Former California members can reinstate with the payment of only 2 months at the Charter Member Rate of $97/month. National/generic members can reinstate with the payment on just one and a half months at the current best rate of $77/month.

1.  California Membership Reinstatement for $194 (includes first month) and $97/month thereafter.



2.  National/Generic Membership Reinstatement for $115 (includes first month) and $77/month thereafter.


Fax Ordering: If you have any difficulty ordering through AlertPay, or if you just don’t like online ordering, Click on the Buy Now button to open up a form you can fax in.


 STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Or difficulty ordering?

Call 1-877-RESI 4 US (1-877-737-4487) and leave a message including your email address or send an email to events(at) (you need to turn this into an email address). You may also call the Ballard Law office at 949-597-9596 and ask for Kim.